Calling all Graphic Artists!

FonduTV Logo Contest

Calling all Graphic Artist Students, Logo Gurus and Awesome Creative Types!  Do what you do best and win $50!

Introducing the FonduTV logo contest! is a new up and coming website dedicated to searching out producers, writers and actors doing new, innovative work and introducing that work to a loyal fan base of online viewers.

Some things we are looking for:

* FonduTV is a collaboration of two last names – Lila Frazier and Jill Tondu. No Cheese or Chocolate here (although we are fans of both)
* The idea is webisodes and original work!
* We like the colors Green, Purple and Blue.
* FonduTV is geared towards comedy and we want FonduTV .com incorporated in that regard.
* The winning Logo will become the property of  The winner will be required to sign a release before being awarded the $50 prize.

Please submit your work electronically by replying to the following email:

All entries must be submitted by April 23.

For Contest Updates, subscribe to our blog and become a Facebook Fan of FonduTV!

FonduTV at the Studio


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