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  • RSS Sean-Adrian Speaks as The Bearded Biker

    • The moon... December 24, 2012
      Sometimes it's a perfect storm of biking, the moon and having my cell phone with me.  This night was so gorgeous - late fall biking beauty by the lake!  This fall has been the best for biking! 
      noreply@blogger.com (Sean)
  • RSS Dandy O’Nell gets crafty!

    • Ornament Extravaganza January 4, 2018
      Paper mache ornament extravaganza! All made from up-cycled vintage* newspapers, cardboard, even paperclips for the hanging loop. {*no kidding, this stuff came out of a box marked 1991), acrylic and….wait for it…glitter. Click on each for a closer look! {Art & Photos: OliveLoaf Design} Advertisements
      OliveLoaf Design
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FonduTV.com Presents 123 Twirl!

Follow the competitive sport of

Ribbon Dancing – Couples Division

as the

2010 Season of 123 Twirl

unfolds on Fondutv

The Fans have spoken!

The Athletes are unfurling their Ribbons!

But will the Season start as planned?

Stay Tuned!

*Pic from 123 Twirl 2008 Season

*Photos Arian Manalo-Haczkiewicz & Makeup Melissa Wildman Lehman


4 Responses

  1. Hilarious & Brilliant! It looks AHmazing ladies!!! excellent job!

  2. Made me laugh!
    So what’s next?

    • FonduTV is currently producing the pilot episode of 123 Twirl which follows the Ribbonanza couples division of ribbon dancing. Stay tuned and tell your friends!

  3. Sensational debut…praying for Tushy’s recovery from the ribbon accident. Hope she can still perform for the next ribbon competition; her loss of memory may be an asset.

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