FonduTV Feautred Artist of the Month: Ms. Stacy Scherf

Who is Stacy Scherf you might ask?   She’s an artist of many trades and that is why we like her so much.  Stacy was lucky enough to grow up in Colorado and Illinois.  She spent much of her adult life living in NYC which is where she relocated to pursue a career in the theatre.  When she stumbled upon the world of voice overs she was able to find her niche at something she loved doing while making a most excellent living! You’ve probably heard her voice in a commercial without even knowing it like this Fisher Price one below…..

or maybe you’ve seen her on stage in a play or musical.  Perhaps you’ve heard her vocal talents singing Janis Joplin on a microphone or seen her creative styles in the art world via her blog oliveloafdesign and

Ms. Stacy Scherf! All around go to gal for the art world!

FonduTV really likes Stacy along with her love for all things art and her colorful style.  For the next three weeks you will get to know an inspiring woman who will infect you with her creativity.

*Each month features an artist whom they feel is making great strides in the world of arts & entertainment.   Know an inspiring artist who we might love? Send us an email  to and we might just feature them on our site!

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