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Artist of the Month Ms. Stacy Scherf Talks Voiceovers

Ms. Stacy Scherf V.O. Queen

This week we continue our month long exploration of Ms. Stacy Scherf and her talents.  We are going to learn more about the world of voiceovers as well as give some tips provided by Stacy on how to make your voice work for you, “I worked really hard to acquire the V.O. career I had in NYC.” Her number one piece of advice is to set up a voice over website, “I did have a V.O. website up {and hope to again soon} – and it did prove quite useful in scoring new V.O. jobs as well as providing an easy way for casting people to hear my work & demos.” Here is her demo reel and you would definitely add something like this to your own V.O. website Demo Stacy Scherf

Ms. Scherf has worked for such companies as Fisher Price, Ann Taylor and The Weather Channel.  One of her absolute favorites was The Daytime Emmy Awards because she did those voiceovers live,  “I’d never done a live V.O. & the rush and excitement was amazing!” Stacy would love to pursue future projects such as these and would like to include all of the “big tv broadcast award shows!” to her intricate resume.  We are sharing with again in case you missed it her Fisher Price reel which we think is top notch!

Stacy has worked hard to be where she is now in her career. Her advice to someone new starting out, ” Find a reputable V.O. class if you don’t know anything about what the V.O. world entails, or work with a great sound engineer. Stay focused and hustle!”  When deciding about non-union she advises to stay cautious as these types of jobs may not always be legit. You want to make sure you are compensated for your work on time. Also be sure to stay aware of new medias like iPhone apps as television commercials are starting to fall to the wayside with technology such as DVR’s, Tivo & Satellite Radio.

Now that she is getting back into the swing of things she has booked a couple of big voiceover gigs with the Kennedy Space Center and Yosemite National Park.  Keep your ears peeled because you might just hear her voice greeting you on your next vacation!

*Each month FonduTV.com features an artist whom they feel is making great strides in the world of arts & entertainment.   Know an inspiring artist who we might love? Send us an email  to minion@fondutv.com and we might just feature them on our site!


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