Star Power, meeooow! ~ Very Mary Kate is always on the search for emerging new talent.  Our most recent star power, meooow pick is extremely creative, hilarious and is making us laugh out loud. When we laugh out loud it makes others look at us strangely. We don’t care because when you laugh out loud that means it’s really funny! is Where Hilarity Ensues after all.

This first episode below is what pulled us closer to the world of VeryMaryKate because we honestly did not know that she existed (until about a month ago).  THANKS VIMEO {HAND WAVING}. Follow Very Mary Kate as she goes on a date with Zac Efron.  Swoon….well maybe not so much for Zac is so full of youth we can hardly stand it.

Blind date with Zac Efron

The simply amusing and entertaining Elaine Carroll takes on both Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen as they deal with the trauma of being incredibly wealthy and how that wealth envelops their very souls! Well mostly Mary Kate’s soul.

With VMK’s second clip we see her struggle through the emotions of wanting a baby but settling with a pedigree cat instead as she believes it’s much more expensive. Poor VMK she has so many tough decisions to make.  Being rich and privileged is sooo hard!

Pedigree Cat instead of a Baby

FonduTV hopes that you like Very Mary Kate! Be sure to check out the Very Mary Kate site for the latest updates on webisodes from this cult classic hit series!

* is always looking for new talent to showcase.  That’s why we created the Star Power, Meow series.  Stay tuned to because you never know when a star is going to rise!


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