This Week in Chicago Entertainment History: Quincy Jones

This week FonduTV takes you off the beaten path of film, television & theater as we stroll into another form of entertainment that everyone can appreciate and that genre is music. Quincy Jones was born on March 14th, 1933 right here in Chicago, Illinois!

His love for music was sparked at a very young age while attending Raymond Elementary School on Chicago’s South Side; this is where he learned how to play the trumpet. This extremely talented man is best known for composing music on television and in films; however he began as a young man of 18 entering the music circuit as, you guessed it, a trumpet player.

Although this great claim to Chicago fame was born here his family moved to Seattle, Washington and that is when he met Ray Charles during his teenage years. We all had the pleasure of seeing a wide eyed Quincy Jones portrayed in the move ‘Ray’ (if you haven’t seen it by now what are you waiting for?!?!).  He really did hit the musical goldmine by having the opportunity to play with the likes of Ray Charles, Count Basie, Billy Eckstine & Dizzy Gillespie!  Let us not forget his contributions with Michael Jackson and Barbra Streisand. Check out this outrageous interview Quincy had with Michael Jackson & a snake in 1983 talking about the ever incredible Thriller album.

Mr. Jones is the proud winner of a mind boggling 27 Grammys and was awarded the Grammy Legend Award in 1991. We are thrilled to salute this incredible artist and what he has done for music, television and film. FonduTV would say this artist is a class act all around. We’ll leave you today with a 1960 clip from a tour Quincy did in Switzerland and Belgium where he conducted the band of a lifetime.

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