~123 Twirl Fan Mail~

Iggy Nori Jr.

Dear Tushy Pompano,

We hope you’ll be able to lobby on our behalf. My name is Lady C. Weed and I represent Miss Iggy Nori Jr., I think you’ll remember her from Icelands Natural Fiber-n-anza, which she won last year with her homespun milkweed ribbons.

Do you think Miss Iggy Nori could compete under an ocean category of ribbon dancing?

Here, she’s featured with–u guessed it… Raw Nori, at dusk, her favorite time to practice, drawing unusually high numbers of spectators concerned about shark attacks.

We r such adoring fans of yours, and can we ask, how do u get such lift and poof in your pigtails?!

Respectfully yours,

Lady C. Weed
On behalf of Iggy Nori Jr.

Tushy Pompano

Dear Lady C. Weed & Iggy Nori Jr.,

We are pleased to hear from you and excited about your interest in Tushy Pompano and 123 Twirl. We have been touring the land in hopes that Ribbonanza comes back to the stage very soon.  In the meantime keep on swimming and stay away from those sharks!

Perhaps Ribbonanza and Natural Fiber-n-anza can collaborate on a project in the future. In response to Tushy and her poofy pigtails, it’s all in the fro my dear Iggy, it’s all in the fro. Without the fro you have nothing and with the fro you have everything.  We will be talking with you soon.

Yours Truly,

Sean-Adrian coach, trainer, spokesman for Tushy Pompano


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