This Week in Chicago Entertainment History ~ William S. Paley

William S. Paley ~Courtesy MBC

Who is William S. Paley?  That’s what we said!  We’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.  Give up? Sigh… Have no fear! FonduTV is here to educate you once again.

Willaim S. Paley is a native Chicagoan born in 1901 and he was in fact the cheif executive who built Columbia Broadcasting System or what we call it today CBS.  Yes, you’re kicking yourself for not getting this one. This guy built up a teeny tiny radio network  and eventually turned that into a television empire!

When his father bought Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System back in 1927 the idea was to promote the families cigar business La Palina.  When William took on leadership cigar sales doubled which allowed the family to seal ownership in 1928.  The network would soon expand to approximately 114 affiliate stations. The rest is a sixty year long career in broadcasting. Pretty amazing! This classic clip is a tribute to Mr. Paely from 1990 hosted by Dan Rather:

Zowey’s!  FonduTV is so impressed.

We want to have a company just like that one!

Dreams really can come true.

*wikipedia, Museum of Broadcast Comm.


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