This Week in Chicago Entertainment History ~ Columbia College Chicago

If it wasn’t for this college who knows where the future writers, producers and film makers of Chicago would be.  Columbia College Chicago was established over 100 years ago in 1890 by Mary Blood and Ida M. Riley. FonduTV is loving that this institution was founded by women! Go gals!

Did you know this college name was inspired by the World’s Columbian Exposition? How very cool to be included in that legacy.  The program today has grown to include blossoming young writers and preparing film and video makers to have prosperous careers.  With a wide field of television and mass communications this school is an excellent place for budding artists to thrive.

Some notable alumni from this school include Tonya Pinkins Tony Award Winning Actor for Jelly’s Last Jam ( from Chicago), Pat Sajak (also born in Chicago) from the Wheel of Fortune, Bob Odenkirk (Naperville, Illinois) Writer for SNL (1987-1995) when it was actually pretty funny, Len Amato President of HBO Films, Andy Richter Co-Host The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, Mauro Fiore Academy Award Winning Cinematographer,  Common Recording artist and actor & Mary Mitchell – Columnist The Chicago Sun Times.

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*Thanks to Columbia College

*Encyclopedia of Chicago


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