Dames of the Song: Cabaret-ologists Sebastian & Sebastian

Sebastian said there would be shows like this, shows like this, shows like this!  Cabaret is alive and well in Chicago.  In fact cabaret smacked Sebastian right across the face yesterday for no apparent reason at all.  The Elaine Dame Trio can be quite a bunch and a little nitty gritty but it completely explains their violent behavior.  This trio is sure to please you with all their splendor.  This is what people are tweeting about that Dame Elaine:

Chicago Jazz singer Elaine Dame has been named a ‘gem’ in the cities vocal scene, her voice ‘like clarified honey’. (we have no idea what this means)

If I didn’t have Elaine Dame I would have nothing else to live for.

A cabaret on any day is a holiday worth celebrating.

People are talking and you best be listening if you know what is good for you.  The Elaine Dame Trio is what is good for you and it is all you need to get by. Sebastian wouldn’t lie to you because Sebastian adores you and only you!


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