This Week in Chicago Entertainment History ~ Poltergeist III

With the rumor mills buzzing about a Poltergeist IV coming out in 2013 FonduTV thought they would highlight the third movie in the series which centers around a well known tourist attraction; the John Hancock Center.  This 100 story building was the home of Carol Anne for the 3rd part of the Poltergeist Trilogy.

The movie was released in 1988 however it bombed at the box office.  Although fans will never forget Heather O’Rourke who passed away unexpectedly during filming of the movie due to complications from an undiagnosed disease.

A little movie trivia: At the opening scene the weather appears to be cold until they descend to ground level only to find out that it is actually very warm outside.  A common thing for residents to actually do in this scenario is to call to the doorman before leaving the building as the weather can typically be quite different due to the height of the building.

FonduTV had a chance to go to the Hancock Observatory this spring. Although it looked just as nice from the observatory as it was outside.  Here are some photos from the top!

*Thanks IMDB, wikipedia, photos


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