This Week in Chicago Entertainment History ~ The Lyric Opera of Chicago

FonduTV loves The Lyric Opera of Chicago for it’s combination of Art Deco & Art Nouveau design.  This gorgeous building was constructed in 1929 and opened six days after the stock market crash. This 3,560 seat theater is known to be the second biggest opera house in North America. Designed by Samuel Insull the building may be deemed ‘Insulls Throne’ for it’s chair like structure. However the building was constructed for his wife who was denied the stage at the New York’s Metropolitan Opera (a feature of Chicago’s architecture tour). The inaugural season Camille was composed by Hamilton Forrest who was only 28 at the time.

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What FonduTV loves most about Lyric Opera is their dedication to educating young people with various programs offered to keeping Opera alive and instilling the love of Opera in today’s youth. The audiences of the future will continue to grow with their love of music and music will continue to live in our schools.

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