This Week in Chicago Entertainment History ~ Daryl Hannah

An American actress known for ‘Splash’, ‘Roxanne’ & ‘Steel Magnolias’ is Chicago native Daryl Hannah. She was born in 1960 and has a marvelous career on film.  She was lucky enough to study at the Chicago Goodman Theatre and received a theatre degree at the University of Southern California. Many people may not know that she gained her love of film during her struggles with insomnia at a very young age.

Another fun fact about Daryl is that she dated JFK, Jr. for many years but was unable to marry as Jacqueline Kennedy did not want John marrying an actress. This other odd fact is one that we would like to know how valid it may be:

As a keen environmentalist, Daryl lives off of solar

power and drives a car that runs off of recycled fast food grease.

Go Daryl!  That is so very admirable of her and plus she’s a vegan. It’s always nice to see famous actors using their celebrity for the betterment of our planet.  In this below clip we see her discuss solar energy on the Sundance Channel. FonduTV believes Daryl Hannah is an elegant woman and dedicated activist.




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