Dames of the Song: Cabaret-ologists Sebastian & Sebastian


Sebastian is tickled pink at the site of Scooty and JoJo and their inbox appearance.  I was extremely elated and I even blew junks to boot.  You can’t blame a dame for trying.  This Diva Brunch is just what the doctor ordered sunnyside up or even eggs benedict style.  If people were actually talking about this show here is what they would be saying:

How about sipping mimosas with five of the funniest ladies in fisnets and one in a moustache?

Scooty & Jo Jo return to entertain their guests with their unique brand of song, smarts and sass.

Kings, Queens and In-Betweens are all invited to come.

Yes you heard it here first, in-betweens are also invited in case you had your doubts.  I know I did but this just eases my pain. Make sure you check back in a couple of days for all that is Cabaret in Chicago.  Don’t miss the chance to be dazzled by the delights of Cabaret.


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