~ Fondutv believes in Star Power! ~

Eliaz, Donny & Jeff of Wood Sugars Comedy

Fondutv is always on the prowl to find new talent.  This week we’ve stumbled on a trio of guys in Chicago called Wood Sugars Comedy Group! They specialize in film-making, podcasts, and they perform in and around Chicago. Wood Sugars is currently filming their second season of the variety show podcast Inside the Barrel.  Fondutv really digs the quality of their work. Be sure to download their podcast and browse around their site for more hilarious comedy.  Take a peek at their short for The National Film Challenge that was written and filmed in 28 hours.

Fondutv believes Wood Sugars has Star Power written all over their faces!  Keep an eye out for Eliaz Rodriguez, Jeff Phillips, & Donny Rodriguez of Inside the Barrel for some Wood Sugars of a good time!

*Photo and Video footage thanks to Wood Sugars Comedy!


Star Power ~ Grrrrrr!

FonduTV enjoys a terrific “Sassy Gay Friend”  every once in a while. Brian Gallivan is a terrific actor with star power written all over him, grrrrr. We love the combination of Shakespeare and gay friends.  Brian is a Second City alum and fondutv had the chance to see him before he hit big on their mainstage.  He’s funny, he’s nice and he’s your Sassy Gay Friend:


Romeo & Juliet

*FonduTV.com is always looking for new talent to showcase.  That’s why we created the Star Power, Meow series.  Stay tuned to fondutv.com because you never know when a star is going to rise!